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Water & Wastewater Treatment Industry Forum - Crystal clear on FOG  pdf/1MB
It ASDA be a winner  pdf/242kB
Grocery Trader - Environmental Biotech - key ingredient as ASDA supermarket awarded first Green Ladle award  pdf/968kB
Drain Trader - Environmental Biotech Bugs take on Whitbread's FOG  pdf/347kB
Catering - Scotland - Eschewing the Fat  pdf/166kB
Best Practice - Bacteria system helps clear drain blocks  pdf/2MB
Cleaning & Hygiene Today - An answer to fat clogged sewers  pdf/792kB
World Plumbing Review - Bugs eat their way through fatty problem  pdf/4MB
Practical Facilities Management - Bugs eat their way through fatty problem   pdf/785kB
Water & Wastewater International - Fat, oil and grease in pipelines and sewers cost billions in repairs  pdf/594kB
Small company wages an unsightly war against grease  pdf/263kB
Frozen & Chilled International - The Drain Game  pdf/612kB
The Glebe - Bacteria comes clean  jpg/2MB
Inner Western Suburbs Courier - Oils ain't oils  jpg/2MB
Waste Management & Environment - Bacteria aimed at fats, sugar  jpg/1MB
The Weekend Australian - Greasy bacteria make haste with waste  jpg/3MB
Business Sydney - Biotech company will franchise grease-eating bacteria  jpg/2MB
Australian Small Business & Portfolio - Ecofracture - Time to put things right Part 1  jpg/2MB
Australian Small Business & Portfolio - Ecofracture - Time to put things right Part 2  jpg/2MB
Environment News - Bugs in the kitchen at The Regent Sydney  jpg/1MB
Foodweek_-_Grease_Eater.jpg  jpg/2MB
The Daily Telegraph Mirror - Grease bug to the rescue  jpg/2MB
The Sydney Morning Herald - Bacteria has franchise on grease and oil  jpg/3MB
Mosman Daily - Bug is a sizzler  jpg/167kB
The Manly Daily - New bug to cut grease levels  jpg/1MB