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Established in Australia in 1994, Environmental Biotech offers unique, effective and environmentally friendly solutions to drain line and odour problems that are commonly found in the commercial and industrial markets.

We manufacture various strains of bacteria that have been trained to "remediate" (eat) the waste industries produce - waste that causes these industries monumental operational and financial problems. Bioremediation provides a healthy and safe solution to environmental waste problems. Years of research and development have led to the manufacture and application of live bacteria that actually bioremediate grease, oil, sugar, starch and gelatine.

Our research lab proudly leads our industry in environmental biotechnology services. Our global network of franchises & distributorships provides superior systems and services to many councils and a variety of industries, including commercial food service, hospitals, entertainment and shopping centres, manufacturing and food processing.

The Problem
The detrimental impact of these residual substances carries a heavy and expensive toll on both mankind and our planet. The safe and proper disposal of grease, sugar, starch and gelatine accumulations has become a major concern for councils and industries alike. These build-ups are the direct cause of many daily problems, such as:

  • Kitchen odours
  • Drain line backups
  • Grease interceptor cleaning
  • Clogged sewers and pump stations
  • Environmental problems

Our Solution

The solution is Environmental Biotech's scientifically developed systems of waste removal. Through the use of our live, vegetative systems, bioremediation uses natural bacteria (our "Bug TeamŽ") to turn these harmful wastes into harmless by-products mainly water. Our highly effective, scientifically proven systems can eliminate those waste problems, saving our clients money, time and the headaches that come with ineffective waste treatment. Our solutions help both their "bottom line" and the environment.

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