Environmental Biotech

Our Clients & Testimonials

Environmental Biotech supplies many companies and government departments in Australia which have the responsibility of managing hospitals, schools, shopping centres, clubs, nursing homes, restaurants, student unions and supermarkets.

What some of our clients have said...

 Coles Supermarkets

"Coles Supermarkets has been using Environmental Biotech's Grease Eradication Systems in selected supermarkets for five years. Coles has found it an effective program for preventative maintenance in more than 20 supermarkets as well as improving trade waste discharges to sewer - a win for both Coles and the environment."

Westfield Shopping Centre Management Co Pty Ltd

"This company (Environmental Biotech) has been providing a Grease Eradication System (GES) and Drainline/Grease Trap Management System since 2 January 96 when 3 systems were installed on Level 1 of our Shoppingtown (Liverpool).

These Systems have been successful in preventing drain line blockages, reducing odours and extending the periods between grease trap pump-outs from a 4 weeks period to a 16 week period. We found that the twice monthly preventative maintenance service, inspection and reporting procedures added value to our operation whilst simultaneously providing financial benefits by reducing the cost of grease trap pump-outs and cleaning and other plumbing maintenance costs".

The Prince of Wales Hospital, Media Release

"Since the Environmental Biotech bacteria was put to work, only one blockage has occured. Pump outs are now only needed once every three to six months. We are looking at a saving of many tens of thousands of dollars over the year. Disruption to staff and patients has been all but eliminated.

NSW Leagues' Club

"Environmental Biotech have been using their Grease Eradication System at the NSW Leagues' Club....Previous to this we were having our Grease Trap pumped every six weeks. We have not had our Grease Trap pumped since installation twenty six weeks ago. We have enjoyed the friendly service calls and free advice on the system when required, and the projected benefits and savings have been well exceeded".