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The Problem

Noxious odours that linger around rubbish bins and refuse containers, float up from floor or sink drains, and take up residence in toilets. Cigarette smoke smells plague bar areas and hotel rooms. Worse, these odours can rapidly permeate a kitchen or preparation area and drift out into dining or service areas.

The Proven Solution

Environmental Biotech's Odour Elimination System (OES™) is a low cost permanent solution to these and other odour-related problems. We locate the noxious odours and build customised solutions based on the type of problem experienced.

The Odour Elimination System™ includes:

  • Find the source of the odour(s)
  • Installation of an atomiser or drip-feed chemical injection system
  • Bi-weekly service visits from a trained EB technician
  • Environmentally friendly chemicals that actually counteract and neutralise unwanted odours
  • Maintenance and housekeeping recommendations to ensure a fresh smelling facility

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