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Eradication Services - GEL-OUT® Gelatine Eradication System

The Problem

Gelatine is a common product used in manufacturing, x-ray and photographic film development, pharmaceutical production and food processing. Waste gelatine, however, can turn into uncommonly difficult problems - especially when it results in plugged drainage systems and high strength BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) wastewater discharges. Waste gelatine has a sponge-like capacity to absorb up to ten times its own weight. The gelatine accumulates on the bottom of the drain line (see images 1 and 2), eventually clogging (see image 3) and resulting in a backup.

The Cause

X-Ray Systems
Gelatine is applied and then washed off during the development process, sending it into the drains where it becomes a food source for algae. The algae grow, blocking the drains and restrict water flow, ultimately causing backups and other maintenance problems.

Photo Processing Facilities
Commercial photo labs produce waste gelatine during the development process. Excess gelatine washed from the film collects in the drainage systems, resulting in flow restrictions.

Food Processing and Packaging
Meat packing and other food processing facilities employ gelatine as a binding agent. The waste gelatine that escapes into the drains promotes backups and increases manufacturing downtime.

The application of gelatine to medications makes them easier for the consumer to swallow. Once again, the excess gelatine flushes into the drains, thereby reducing drain flow.

The Proven Solution

In the past, clearing gelatine meant pouring harmful chemicals or solvents into the drainage system, such as muriatic acid, bromine, chlorine, or copper sulphate. Not only are these dangerous for employees but they are also damaging to drain lines. These temporary solutions often result in expensive plumbing repairs. Our Gelatine Eradication System (GEL-OUT®) uses live, vegetative, naturally occurring bacteria, which are non-toxic, non-caustic, non-corrosive, non-pathogenic (do not cause disease), and totally safe for humans.

The Gelatine Eradication System works by pumping bacteria into the drain lines twelve times per day. The introduction of the bacteria breaks down the gelatine structure. Next, the bacteria actually consume the remaining compound, converting it into harmless by-products mainly water.

This is a natural, environmentally friendly solution to gelatine operational difficulties!

The Service

  • Facility visit byour Service Technician
  • Injection System inspection
  • Replenish vegetative bacteria
  • Consultation with Facility Manager and staff troubleshooting
  • Written service reports

The Benefits

  • Reduction or elimination related drain blockages
  • Non-hazardous, non-caustic and totally natural
  • Reduction or elimination of processing or manufacturing "downtime"
  • No chemicals
  • Non-corrosive
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Non-toxic, automatic and maintenance free

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